Yard and Property Cleanup

From cleaning up your patio, lawn or, other piece of property, our clean up crews clean and remove it ALL. It’s a make-over for your property. Usually in a day, or less! 

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A Popular Choice

Our ability to provide you with complete cleanups makes us quite popular among all types of property owners. Whether you are a homeowner or a real-estate agent trying to make a property sale, or simply wish to maintain the condition of your property, call us, we can help.

One Time Cleaning

Property Cleanup, LLC offers affordable, yet professional, property cleanup services to remove all of your property and lawn debris. Be it commercial property or residential, our experts know the correct way to clean up your property without causing damage.

Guaranteed results on-time and on-budget with a solid customer care commitment to make sure you are satisfied.

One Call Truly Does It All!

Call us. See the difference. An experienced owner will meet with you when it’s convenient to discuss your needs. Once we have discussed your project and timeframe, we will develop a proposal and review it with you to make sure we are in 100% agreement in relation to the tasks to be performed as well as the price.

You will receive follow up as to how the job went and we will accept payment at the completion of the work. Usually the same day.

We also include a “no-quibble guarantee”. If there are any legitimate issues uncovered after the work, we will come back and take care of the issue either the next day or the day following weather permitting. If by chance you forget a small item that was not included in the original quote,

    An Array of Cleanup Services

    Lawn Service and Maintenance

    Scheduled and one-time lawn services are available. We offer full-service or, only the services you require. 

    Shrub and Tree Pruning

    This is typically included in a property cleanup project. However, if you like doing the lawn yourself and only need help with this aspect of the property, that’s fine too.

    Gravel Installation

    Just one more ground cover we offer as well as any covering you may require. Call us, it’s heavy hard work. Don’t go it alone.

    Bed Edging

    This is an optional service which can leave quite a visual impact from the curb should you wish to pursue it. It also makes trimming easier and keeps Bermuda and other grasses from creeping into your beds making unwanted weed and grass a snap to take care of. It also helps to hold mulch and pine straw in place. Everything from simple block edging to high-end designs are possible. All colors of brick are available.

    Overgrown Lawn Mowing and Cleanup
    On occasion you may find your property overwhelming to deal with. Not a problem as we do offer one-time mowing for those lawns that have become overgrown as part of our clean up service offerings. When it’s too big and tall to mow with your mower. Call us.
    Shrub and Tree Installation

    Have some beds you want to dress up? Here you go. We will hand pick the items you want and install them at a reasonable cost. Soil prep is always included to include the removal and disposal of all old vegetation.

    Shrub and Tree Removal
    From time to time you need to remove a tree, shrub or other vegetation. We have the chippers and tools for the larger items as well as the know­how to do it correctly with no disruption to the surrounding landscapes. Eliminate the labor and risk of doing this yourself. Call us. Save your back.

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